Kusturica in defense of Putin and aggression: The war in Ukraine is a war against Orthodoxy

emir kusturica
Emir Kusturica / Photo: EPA-EFE / KHALED ELFIQI

The director Emir Kusturica said in Belgrade that the war in Ukraine was a "war against Orthodoxy" and that it would be better for Western leaders to go to the Victory Parade in Moscow in recent years than to "watch that parade live" now. writes Nedeljnik.rs.

"The war in Ukraine, which we can safely say has long been prepared with the assistance of the Pentagon, is in fact a war against Orthodoxy and against all that an authentic culture poses as a major obstacle to transhumanism - turning people into what it is." checked, "said Kusturica, receiving an award at the Church of St. Sava.

Kusturica is politically very active and is known as a supporter of Vladimir Putin and other authoritarian leaders, making him particularly controversial in Western countries. Earlier this month, the management of a film festival in the Czech Republic decided to take away his awards of Kusturica because he accepted to be the head of the Central Theater of the Russian Army, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"In a statement today, Kusturica said that the Ukrainian authorities were pro-Nazi and had turned against the people of Donetsk and Ligansk simply because they wanted friendship with Russia and to live by their principles and culture."

"Only now are we beginning to understand the nature of Nazism, because its roots are shrouded in the emotions of liberation in World War II. "In the end, was it better or cheaper, and that is my considerable question, for Western presidents to attend the celebration of the Victory Parade for several years, instead of watching that parade live now?" Kusturica said.

The question, he adds, is whether Nazism is now in a new guise or will it be just a new form of the phenomenon "from which much later will emerge what began with the Covid-19 pandemic?"

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