Kurti on the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia: It is necessary to increase the pressure from the West, it can bring results

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that additional pressure from the West could bring results on the issue of Kosovo's recognition by Serbia. When asked whether the West exerts enough pressure on Belgrade to recognize Kosovo, Kurti said that it is necessary to make more international efforts in this direction.

"This is a very good question. I think it is necessary to put more pressure on Belgrade, because Belgrade has proven that it understands this language best. Serbia is not a democratic country. There, the government puts a lot of pressure on its people. There they do not accept political pluralism, they do not respect human rights and the law does not govern politics, but politics over law. Therefore, only a joint effort, with additional pressure from both Brussels and Washington, but I would say especially from Berlin, Paris and Rome, can bring results", said Kurti on Tuesday in an interview for the morning program of Top Channel Albania.

"This is necessary, because autocrats understand generosity and kindness as fear or weakness on the other side. "Whatever the European Union or the United States of America say to Belgrade now, they will be brave enough to ask for more, not to give up on Kosovo and to receive funds from the European Union," Kurti added.

The head of the Kosovo government repeated that Serbia receives funds from the EU, arms from Russia and investments from China. He said that in this way Serbia manages to gain the tolerance of the USA.

"Serbia in particular aims to receive money from the European Union, armaments from Russia, investments from China and tolerance from the United States of America in these two years. So it's going to be sitting on four chairs in a way,” he said.

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