Kurti has already decided to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities, says the former leader of Self-Determination

Photo: Dukagjini TV / Kosovo

The former president of the party of Albin Kurti, the Self-Determination movement, Visar Imeri, who now works as a political analyst, said tonight that the Prime Minister of Kosovo has already decided that the Community of Municipalities with a Serbian Majority (CMU) will be formed and that the six conditions that Kurti set for the formation of the ZSO, they say exactly that.

Imeri assessed that this is "the only path that leads Kosovo forward, and Kurti is clear about that."

"Kurti realized there was no other way out but to create the Community." It is the hope of all of us that this will pave the way for the completion of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. We also hope that this conclusion of the dialogue will be useful for the Republic of Kosovo", said Imeri to "Dukagjini" TV.

Previously, the director of the Kosovo Institute for European Policies, Demush Shasha, today assessed that the six conditions for the establishment of the Community of Municipalities with a Serbian majority (ZSO), which were presented by Prime Minister Kurti, are "improvisation and current political sensation".

"The way the Prime Minister has acted by inserting these six states from the sky into the political circus has only deepened the divisions between the parties on this issue." wrote Shasha on Facebook. He added that there were two things that left a "bad taste" about the way the six conditions were presented.

According to him, the prime minister presented the conditions in the context of the current confrontation with the opposition, and not as a product of a serious political process aimed at turning political principles into state policy. Shasha also says that Kurti should inform the opposition leaders and start a confidential dialogue to exchange views.

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