Kurti: The Serbs should return to the institutions, to participate in the elections

Albin Kurti/Photo: Armend NIMANI / AFP / Profimedia

The Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti called on Serbs to register for the elections in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo, scheduled for April 23, reminding that Wednesday is the last day for registration.

"It is important for all those who want to deal with politics at the municipal level in the four municipalities in the north [of Kosovo], those who want to politically represent the interests of the citizens, in this case the Serbian minority, to use the last hours and are registering to participate in the elections on April 23," he said.

Kurti called on the Serbs to apply for entry into the institutions of Kosovo, reported Tanjug.

"I didn't call them to return to the institutions [of Kosovo], but I kept calling everyone who is interested not only in politics, but also in public services, such as the police, health, education..." he said and added that "everyone Serbs have the right to that."

Kurti said he could not tell "the one who threw away the uniform of the Republic of Kosovo nor the one who received orders in Belgrade after his resignation" to return to Kosovo's institutions.

Kurti claims that, according to information he has from the Kosovo Ministry of Interior, "Serbs are increasingly interested in participating in Kosovo's institutions," even "replacing [license] plates."

On Tuesday, in a meeting with the US ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, the representatives of the Serbian List reiterated that they will not participate in the elections scheduled for April 23 until the demands that caused them to leave the institutions of Kosovo are met, ie. until the Community of Serbian Municipalities (ZSO) is formed and until the withdrawal of the special police units from the north of Kosovo.

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