Kurti boasted: In three years we have doubled foreign investments in Kosovo


The Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti stated that his goal is to attract direct foreign investments in order to bring quality employment and high value, adding that investments in the past three years, since he has been in power, have increased significantly, the MIA correspondent from Pristina reported.

At today's first meeting of the National Council for Economy and Investment, Kurti said that in the last three years, foreign direct investment has doubled, and so have exports.

"We intend to attract foreign direct investments that bring high value and quality employment to our citizens. In this regard, our Government has built a good foundation for further improvements. In the last three years alone, foreign direct investments have doubled, as well as exports," Kurti said.

According to a statement from his office, the Kosovo prime minister said that the ratio between exports and imports has increased from almost 1 to 9 as it was before, to even better than 1 to 6.

– Continuing this successful journey requires unwavering commitment. Such is our commitment to a business environment that not only facilitates and encourages the operation of enterprises at home and abroad, but also encourages innovation and competition, Kurti said.

The Kosovo Prime Minister stated that his government has created an equal investment environment for all through legislative interventions.

- We set as a high priority the reform of the legal and regulatory framework, to minimize the administrative burden and to ensure an equal environment for everyone. This includes fiscal incentives for key sectors and investments in infrastructure and education, to prepare Kosovo's workforce for future challenges. Our government has focused on linking the labor market with education and vocational training, Kurti said.

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