Kurti: There is a danger of a new war in the Western Balkans

Albin Kurti
Albin Kurti / Photo: EPA-EFE / VALDRIN XHEMAJ

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, on the occasion of the recent incidents in northern Kosovo, where the majority Serbian population lives, stated that there is a danger of a new conflict between Kosovo and Serbia, that is, of a new war in the Western Balkans.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica", which was broadcast today by the media in Pristina, Kurti said that, considering that the Russian president is behind Serbia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the danger of a new conflict remains high.

"We risk war." Putin stands behind Serbia. I would not say that the danger is very high, because we have the NATO contingent here, but it is certainly high. We are a democracy that has an autocracy on the border," says Kurti.

According to him, before the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the possibilities of a new conflict breaking out in the Western Balkans were small, but "now the situation has changed".

"The first episode, which is a consequence of the fascist idea of ​​Pan-Slavism, was Ukraine. If we have a second episode, for example in Transnistria (Pridnistrian Moldavian Republic), then the possibilities that a new, third war will take place in the Western Balkans, especially in Kosovo, will be very high," said Kurti.

Regarding the protests in northern Kosovo against the measures announced by his government to replace Serbian with Kosovo license plates and for reciprocity with Serbia in terms of personal documents, the Kosovo Prime Minister says that they were not spontaneous, but organized by Belgrade, with the help of Russia.

"The Serbs have 48 operational bases around Kosovo, 28 military and 20 gendarmerie. "The protests were not spontaneous, they were organized by Belgrade, with the support of Russia," said Kurti.

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