Kurti: I have not promised visa liberalization or NATO membership, it does not depend on us

Albin Kurti
Albin Kurti / Photo: EPA-EFE / VALDRIN XHEMAJ

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti says that he never promised for visa liberalization for the citizens of Kosovo and for the country to join NATO, because, as he said, it does not depend on the institutions he leads, MIA reports from Pristina.

At today's session of the Kosovo Assembly, Kurti said that he has never mentioned deadlines for abolishing Schengen visas for Kosovo citizens.

He reminded that next month marks four years since the European Commission recommended the abolition of visas for the second time, but that, according to him, did not happen due to the rejection of certain EU members.

"You have examples from the past - (visas will be abolished) in 15 months, this year, next year… - you have never heard anything like that from me, because I knew it was not up to us," Kurti said.

According to the Kosovo Prime Minister, Brussels is not consistent with its own declared positions either.

- Sometimes there are statements from Brussels that are not even in line with Brussels itself. "We are patiently and dedicatedly trying to clarify them, but we have more than that to do," Kurti said.

Regarding NATO's Partnership for Peace program, Kurti noted that Kosovo participated in the "Protector Europe 21" exercise ("Defend Europe 21") last year with 330 troops and was among the 16 host countries, and will participate in the "Defend Europe 23".

- Internationally, we meet all the requirements and needs as a country that contributes to global peace. What I am doing for the defense of the country and for the army of Kosovo is that we have increased the budget by 52 percent, but regarding when, where and how they will receive us (in NATO) you know that it does not depend on us to a significant extent. said Kurti. 

Source: MIA

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