Kurti: We can withdraw the police if the bandits return to Serbia or go to prison

Albin Kurti/Photo: Armend NIMANI / AFP / Profimedia

The Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti today he repeated that the municipal buildings in the north of Kosovo are the places where the mayors should work, the media reports.

Kurti on the BBC Morning Show he spoke about the situation in the north of Kosovo and asked who should be in those facilities, if not the elected mayors.

"The mayors are in their offices and it should stay that way," Kurti said.

Regarding the demands of the USA and the EU for the withdrawal of the Kosovo police from the municipal buildings, the Prime Minister says that point can be reconsidered.

"We can consider removing the Kosovo police from these buildings, but first the violent criminal gangs that attacked and injured journalists, our police and NATO soldiers must return to Serbia or go to prison," Kurti said.

He added that "he cannot make compromises when it comes to democratic Kosovo".

"I cannot make a compromise regarding the democratic republic, because I am the prime minister of the most democratic country in the Western Balkans, with the most professional police, which is oriented towards the West," says Kurti.

Asked about the possibility of holding early elections, Kurti said he was ready to hear proposals for a new vote, but only after the rule of law was established in northern Kosovo.

Regarding the situation in the north and the harsh statements from the USA and the EU, Kurti pointed out that Washington and Brussels are undoubted allies of Kosovo.

"We consider the USA, the EU, Great Britain to be indisputable allies and friends, and we are very grateful to them for our freedom and independence and for the development of democracy. "However, we cannot hand over our republic to the fascist police paid by the autocrat in Belgrade, who was once Milosevic's minister," Kurti said.

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