Kurti: When we agree on the key principles, I will also present my vision for the statute of the ZSO

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The Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti stated that he will concretize his vision for the draft statute of the Community of Serbian Municipalities only after an agreement is reached on its key principles.

At today's plenary session of the Assembly of Kosovo, Kurti said that he cannot write the Statute of the Association, and only then seek a compromise on it, reports Kosovo Online.

"I can deepen my vision of the Association's statute, but deepening implies principled compatibility. So when we agree in principle, including those pillars that you mentioned that I said in principle, then we are free to deepen the text. But we cannot write alternative texts, among which an arithmetic average can be found, without first agreeing in principle, Kurti said.

This is how he answered the question of the deputy of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Arijana Musliu Sosa, whether he has started preparing the statute of the ZSO and whether a team has been formed that will deal with this issue, as well as where Kosovo is at the moment.

He said that at the last high-level dialogue meeting in Brussels on May 2, he presented his vision for the Community of Serbian Municipalities based on what he said was Article 7 of the Basic Agreement on Normalization and noted that the details could be discussed. discussed only after an agreement in principle has been reached.

He reiterated his disagreement with the draft statute of the JSO, prepared by the Management Team, which was dissolved by the Kosovo government.

Kurti said that the vision of the UN Charter he presented in Brussels is based on the Croatian model for national minorities.

"My government did not agree with the draft of the Management Team because it imitated Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina in content and form. Consequently, I proposed a draft vision for the implementation of Article 7 of the Basic Agreement and in relation to Article 10, for which I did not receive approval first from the other side, and then from official Brussels, which still considers this issue open. From now on, within the framework of the Brussels dialogue, we can discuss the implementation of Article 7 of the Agreement according to my vision presented in Brussels, which represents the letter and spirit of the Constitution of our Republic, the transatlantic consensus of democratic values," he added.

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