Kurti warned him to be constructive or the West would reduce his support

Lajcak, Vucic, Borel and Kurti/ Photo: BETAPHOTO / Sipa Press / Profimedia

The Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti today he stated that he received warnings about the possibility of reducing the support from the West, if Kosovo is not constructive in the dialogue with Serbia, but he also assessed that Kosovo is the constructive party in that process.

Speaking about the European plan to normalize relations between the two sides, Kurti told Radio Free Europe that it was not presented to him in the form of "take it or leave it", but as a platform for further discussion.

He reiterated that the European proposal is a good basis for talks, but said that it does not contain everything that Kosovo would like.

Kurti added that he expects an intensive dialogue with Serbia, in order to reach an agreement "within the mentioned time frame, which is March 2023".

"In the preamble (of the draft agreement) there are five sentences and a total of ten articles. I sent them my comments because I was never told that this was a take it or leave it proposition. Therefore, there was never such an ultimatum. That is why we said that in principle we think it is a good basis for further talks, which we undertake to discuss every time we are invited to Brussels, Kurti said.

The Kosovo prime minister said that much needs to be clarified in the agreement, as it becomes fully applicable once ambiguities are removed.

- Now, at the last meeting we had on January 20, I insisted that the five EU countries that do not recognize Kosovo change their position with the act of the agreement, because the full normalization (of relations) is helped by the recognition by the five that do not yet joined the majority of European Union member states, he said.

Kurti added that his main objection, which he mentioned at the last meeting, although there are others, is related to the universal recognition that is needed within the framework of the European Union and NATO, where Kosovo claims to join.

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