Kumanovets attacked a nurse, strangled her with a sheet and stabbed her with scissors

Kumanovo hospital
Hospital in Kumanovo / Photo: Free Press Archive

Last night, Kumanovets entered the Infectious Disease Department of the hospital in the city and brutally attacked a nurse, and the director of the hospital suspects that the motive for the attack was theft, reported SDK.mk.

According to the information on the portal from the Kumanovo hospital, the nurse was attacked while she was performing her duties in the infirmary. The attacker approached her and put a sheet over her head, after which he began to strangle and beat her. She fell to the floor, and he covered her mouth with his hand so she couldn't scream. He took gauze scissors from the desk and stabbed her in the left shoulder and neck, after which the woman passed out. Her co-workers heard the commotion and came to see what was happening, only to find her unconscious on the floor with a sheet over her head. After regaining consciousness, they immediately called the police and alerted the security. The perpetrator ran away in the meantime, but was later arrested. It is about the 38-year-old F.J., a resident of the city.

It is not known how he entered the building, as ward doors are locked at midnight, and patients arriving later ring a bell if they need medical attention. It is assumed that he may have hid in the rooms or toilets, or entered through a window. What exactly happened will be determined by the security cameras of the security service at the hospital.

The director of the Kumanovo hospital Dr. Snezhana Zaharieva confirmed the case, with which he says that once again it has been shown that health workers are not safe at their jobs. She assumes that the motive for the attack is financial, because the nurse was attacked while she was arranging the cash register from the daily collection of participation of the examined patients. There is no shortage of medicines at the Department, and the thug did not manage to take the money, because the other employees came by.

"At night, the nurse on duty was attacked by an unknown person, it was not a patient, but a person who came in from outside. She received two laterocontusion wounds, one in the head area and one in the shoulder area, but these are not dangerous injuries. She was placed in surgery and all investigations were done, a computed tomography of her head was done, there are no signs of internal injuries, but for several reasons she will be observed during the day. Now she is stable, but she is upset considering what happened to her," said director Zaharieva in a statement to SDK.

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