Kuleba criticizes those who suggest that Ukraine give up its territory

Dmytro Kuleba / Photo EPA-EFE/Efrem Lukatsky / POOL

I am ready to hear the arguments of those who propose that Ukraine give up parts of its territory and people in exchange for peace, if they first propose it to their governments, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said today upon arriving at the session of The NATO-Ukraine Council at the headquarters of the Alliance in Brussels.

- Somehow it is always easy to advise another how to step back and make concessions, let them do it themselves first, said Kuleba.

In response to a journalist's question about Slovakia's and Ukraine's announcements about withholding aid to Ukraine, Kuleba said that politics is politics and that people say all kinds of things, but he stressed that he expects things to "be sorted out."

He expressed hope that the United States will find a solution to support both Ukraine and Israel, which in the current circumstances, according to him, is in the best interest of the American people.

- The best way to avoid sending your own soldiers to war is to help other countries fight themselves. I emphasize once again, Ukraine has never asked for US troops on the ground, which is a matter of principle and makes us much different from others. Our offer is very fair – give us what we need and we will fight. We are not asking you to sacrifice your lives, added Kuleba.

In a statement, however, before the beginning of the NATO-Ukraine Council meeting, which is held at the level of heads of diplomacy, Kuleba emphasized that the victory of Ukraine against the Russian invasion is not only in its interest, but also in the interest of the entire Euro-Atlantic community.

- Today, for the first time, we will sit down to talk with the ministers as equal partners within the framework of the NATO-Ukraine Council. It represents a big difference compared to before, added Kuleba accompanied by the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg.

Kuleba pointed out that Ukraine currently has one of the best-equipped armies in Europe, according to NATO standards and operability, and thanked the allies for their support.

According to him, in order to strengthen and maintain the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic community, it is necessary to increase the production of ammunition and equipment of the common European military industry.

Stoltenberg, for his part, emphasized that this represents a historic moment, because it is the first time that a session of the EU-Ukraine Council is held at the level of foreign ministers.

– This meeting shows that Ukraine is getting closer and closer to NATO. At the meeting, we will discuss how to support Ukraine's decline towards NATO membership. Everyone agrees that Ukraine should be a member and now it's up to us to consider how to move forward on that path in reform efforts and support from NATO in implementing those reforms, Stoltenberg said.

He emphasized that the ministers will also discuss the needs of Ukraine according to the situation on the battlefield, while expressing "great admiration" for the Ukrainian forces, political leadership and people for the courage they have shown since the beginning of the Russian invasion, as well as for the suppression of the Russian forces. in the north, east and south and inflicting heavy losses on the invaders.

Stoltenberg emphasized NATO's commitment to continue supporting Ukraine, which, as he said, is not only in words, but also in deeds, and in that context he pointed to the announcements of financial aid by Germany in the amount of eight billion euros and by the Netherlands of two billion euros, the establishment of a training center for Ukrainian pilots to operate F-16 aircraft in Romania, the deployment of additional air defense and the formation of the Air Defense Coalition for Ukraine by 20 members of the Alliance.

- It is in Ukraine's interest, but also our security interest, that Ukraine suppresses Russian forces and remains a sovereign nation in Europe, Stoltenberg pointed out.

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