The dog Kiko, for whom Macedonia rose to its feet, went home


animal rights activists are calling for a change in legislation regarding leishmania-positive stray dogs

Veleshani's favorite dog, Kiko, who was caught and given a euthanasia date due to leishmaniasis, has gone home. This was announced by Monika Petrovska who, hugging Kiko, shared the news that Kiko was saved.

Kiko went home,
Photo: Facebook/ Monika Petrovska

Petrovska said that animal rights activists are demanding a change in the legislation regarding homeless dogs positive for leishmania, i.e. to allow a 30-day deadline for their rehoming. She recalled that Kiko was imprisoned for 17 days, while all animal lovers prayed for his salvation.

Kiko was lucky and found a home, regardless of the disease. Now the battle for his recovery continues.

Animal protection activists are demanding the return of Velesani's pet Kiko

Monika Petrevska wrote on her profile:

They will make fun of you, humiliate you, insult you, laugh at you. But over the years it no longer touches you because of the outcome of the result.

Fear, panic, hope, disappointment.
All this within 17 days.
For 17 days he has been locked up and waiting for someone to take him out for physiological needs, he tightens and waits for hours.
He waits for 17 days to hear a familiar voice say his name.
He will hear us, he will be happy, and after a few hours he is already sad and disappointed, he is left behind bars again...
You pray every next morning that you only find out that he is alive, you hope that someone will give you at least a little hope.
You hope that someone "among them" is still a person with a gram of empathy and understanding.
You hope that someone "among them" is not only employed for profit and interest.
On the other hand, the whole scenario is so very hopeful for you, because you are a large group of people who have been brought together by a homeless dog, for which you all feel a great deal of love.
Euthanasia. A word that knocks you off the ground every day and brings you back to reality.
Someone wants to decide the day and hour to die, and it is not God……
Veles, Strumica and half of Macedonia on their feet - to save a dog. Hey!
Kiko is saved 🥹🥹
Kiko is just a drop in the ocean.
Kiko is a dog with a name and a history.
Tomorrow he will be a dog without a name, or a dog that three families know because they fed him.
Tomorrow another dog will be positive for leishmania and put to sleep in just a few hours.
WE WANT: A change in the law for stray dogs positive for leishmaniasis.
30-day deadline for housing them!
Let Kiko be a lesson to everyone!
Chip the dogs you love, adopt them, take care of them!
A big credit and thanks to everyone who picked up the phone and turned around.
Special thanks to the mayor of Municipality of Veles Marko Kolev и Slavica Zaeva for all the effort he put in.
This would not have been possible without the people that Kiko brought us together!!!!!!!
Whoever wants to give him a present should say so 🎁😗

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