KSOM announces a strike if an emergency session of the Social-Economic Council is not held

Photo: Facebook, KSOM

The Confederation of Trade Union Organizations of Macedonia (KSOM) demands from the Government that a session of the Social-Economic Council be held urgently.

According to KSOM, the reason for this request is the current situation "which is unsustainable due to the enormously increased cost of living".

If the demands for an emergency session are not met, KSOM announces that it will hold a strike.

The president of the Independent Police Union and the main general coordinator of the independent unions in Macedonia Goce Delchev Todev said that since May of this year, the number of citizens leaving the country is huge, especially from the police, health and education sectors.

KSOM estimates that five percent of education employees leave the country every year.

"We appeal to the rest of the unions at the national level, to sit down and adopt a joint position. If they join us, we will be even stronger as workers. If they do not want to join our initiative, we have already made a decision. We will hold strikes and protests, and we will inform you further about the date", stated the president of KSOM Marjan Risteski at today's press conference.

According to KSOM, citizens are impoverished and cannot survive because everything is more expensive, and salaries are at the same level, while the Government makes unproductive expenses.

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