Krzhalovski: There will still be provocations, Bulgaria has a strategy for that

Photo: Aleksandar Krzalovski, director of MCIC

The appeals of the Macedonian side for de-escalation of the situation are in vain, Bulgaria will continue to use various situations in an attempt to impose its goals in Macedonia, and a tightening of the rhetoric was still expected in the run-up to the early parliamentary elections there and the upcoming liquidation of the Bulgarian associations "Ivan Mihailov" and "Tsar Boris" in our country, assesses the analyst Aleksandar Krzhalovski for "Sloboden Pechat". According to him, the celebration of Gotse Delchev's birthday passed relatively peacefully, with minor outbursts at the Deve Bair border crossing, and both governments made enough efforts, ours probably excessive, so that there is no further negative escalation of relations.

- And that is to be welcomed and can contribute to a more sober and rational further management of the processes who are they important for both countries, а зand for us, above all, integration in the EU. On the other hand, I am still not optimistic that it will go on easily and without new provocations and stoppages. As some diplomats say, when a mouse is made into an elephant, as the Pendikov case, passions and inappropriate reactions easily explode, including from the highest levels of government, as for example sending Bulgarian plane for medical treatment which is also possible here. What is more worrying, and adds to my pessimism, is the new declaration in бthe Hungarian Parliament, which was adopted by almost complete consensus. And while various incidents can be attributed to "ultra-nationalists", "extremists' or simply on ""hot heads" who have nothing else to offer on the political scene, so they go with populism and nationalism (sometimes known as national socialism), apparently the political elites in Bulgaria have achieved unity and know exactly what they want to get out of the situation with Macedonia – says Krzalovski for "Free Press".

Although according to фthe ranch proposal, he adds, they can no longer veto the beginning of Macedonia's negotiations with the EU, ie on the holding of the Second Intergovernmental Conference, which would begin the opening of the clusters and chapters, its holding itself is conditioned by уattitude changes with us, for whom, in turn, there is no way to see how they would be passed before elections, regardless of whether they are regular next year or pre-term this year, and the question is whether they would be passed after.

- AToh himself French so many traps were built into the proposal, i.e. opportunities for Bulgaria to act with new blockades, for which in the meantime it is building cases - from the registration of associations with the names of the fascist occupiers of Macedonia, through incidents like the one with Pendikov и more and more frequentthose statements to the newly aware Bulgarians in Macedonia about the alleged threat to their rights, until the yet-to-be-expected activation of the table мMacedonian citizens with Bulgarian citizens, as a still unused "weapon" for new problematizations and pressures... Дand I am not mentioning the Historical Commission - says Krzalovski.

According to him, although the negotiations with the EU seem to depend on us, they seem distant, and the level of consensus in Bulgaria and the expectations there do not allow optimism for a quick and easy process.

- Everything is fine, although apparently at the moment everything depends on us (constitutional amendments) and there really is no mechanism (or we don't know of one) for Bulgaria to stop the start of negotiations when constitutional amendments will be adopted, now even that seems a remote possibility. А according to the level of consensus in Bulgaria and the expectations there from us, I see no room for optimism that it will be a quick and easy process. And yes, of course there will be in the meantime "a small million" new episodes, provocations and long-planned moves of a state that has a strategy for all that, which will us нIt puts us in new and new blockages, hesitations and confusions, because we don't have such a strategy and all these "cases" find us caught off guard. It seems that we (don't) know and can! - concludes Krzhalovski.

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