Krstevski: We are looking for an investor from abroad to take over FC Vardar

photo: FK Vardar

The football club Vardar and this season he is struggling with the financial situation. The most trophy-winning football club in Macedonia has been left in the lurch for a long time, they are simply fighting to return Vardar to the First Macedonian League this year.

With a statement sent to the media, the players raised their voices, informing the public of the situation Vardar is in.

A reaction came from the owner of FC Vardar, Slobodan Krstevski who says that he has been in negotiations for several months and is looking for a solution with an investor from abroad to take over the management of the club.

At the same time, it sends an invitation to businessmen, politicians and statesmen to join the fight for FC Vardar.

- Dear Sir/Madam, as the current owner of FC Vardar, I feel the responsibility to publicly respond to the letter from the players, the professional staff and the fan group Committee. Although they are aware of what is happening with me and the club at the moment, I am obliged to respond and inform the public. I took over the club last season in a bad state, we all know that the previous sponsor quit and that at the last minute I appeared with my company to take over the club, probably before it went out of business. I don't want to make excuses for my failure, but I consider myself proud that I managed to save the biggest Macedonian brand to survive in the most difficult period, perhaps since its foundation.

We have been in negotiations for several months and are looking for a solution with an investor from abroad to take over the management of the club, the professional staff, who attended the last meeting, as well as the players and fans, are aware of this. What I want to emphasize, I had a procedure to take over the club for five months, and only on the word of honor given by the previous owner I financed without any document until the club was transferred to my company, which happened on 20.01.2022. The company that is interested in taking over the club, naturally, like in any European country, wants to first arrange all the necessary documents, and only then finance the club, a process that will probably take a few more weeks.

For a long time now, I have not been financially able to pay the salaries of FC Vardar employees, unfortunately my company suffered great losses and experienced a financial collapse. During this period, I manage to cover part of the basic expenses, as far as I am able, so that we can at least somehow function as a club. A big thank you to the fan group that helped during the period, as well as to the players and employees who endured until now, it's for Vardar, not for me, the Macedonian public must know that.

I remain helping the club as much as I can, I continue in the final phase of negotiations with the new sponsor, for which a part of the professional staff will be directly involved so that everything is transparent, but let this be an invitation to our businessmen, politicians and statesmen to get involved in the fight for Vardar, let everyone think a little about what kind of brand we have and what state it is in, I am at the disposal of everyone, whether as an individual or as a state institution they want to help, or take over the financing and management of Vardar, until then we are continuing the negotiations with the new sponsor, which I believe will be a long-term solution for Vardar. Vardar will live!!! – is the reaction of the owner of FC Vardar, Slobodan Krstevski.

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