Cross: My career as an active soccer player will end this summer after the European Championship


Real Madrid footballer Toni Kroos at the end of the season he will end his career. The German is only 34 years old, but as he doesn't want to play for any club other than Real Madrid, he will hang up his football boots when the 2024 European Championship, which is being organized in his own country from June 14 to July 14, is over.

Although there have been rumors in recent months that he will soon sign a new one-year contract with the Spanish club, that is not going to happen.

Until the end of the season, Real is waiting for the last match in "La Liga" against Betis at home, as well as the final of the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund, which will be the last match that the German will play in the "royal" shirt.

Until now, he has played 463 games for Real Madrid, in which he scored 28 goals and recorded 98 assists.

– July 17, 2014, the day of my introduction to Real Madrid, the day that changed my life, as a soccer player, but especially as a person. It was the beginning of a new chapter at the biggest club in the world. After 10 years, that chapter ends at the end of the season. I will never forget that successful time. I would like to thank everyone who welcomed me with an open heart and believed in me. I would especially like to thank you, dear Madridistas, for your dedication and love from the first day to the last.

Also, this decision means that my career as an active soccer player will end this summer after the European Championship. As I have always said: Real Madrid is and will be my last club. I am happy and proud that in thinking I found the right moment for a decision and that I could choose it myself. My ambition has always been to finish my career at the top of my game. From now on, there is only one guiding thought: We are going for the 15th title in the Champions League! – announced Cross.

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