A state of crisis has been declared in the "Idrizovo" prison - there are too many guards, soldiers and policemen will be involved

Idrizovo Prison, Photo: MIA

By decision of the Government, a state of crisis was declared in the largest Macedonian prison - "Idrizovo", in order to prevent security threats due to the lack of a sufficient number of guards.

This is happening after the information from the past period about the lack of equipment in the penitentiary. The decision was made at the government session held on Tuesday and is already in force after its publication in the Official Gazette.

This decision establishes the existence of a state of crisis in part of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, namely in the area of ​​the Municipality of Gazi Baba, over which the Idrizovo Penitentiary exercises its jurisdiction, in order to prevent security threats and strengthen the security of the institution, writes in the text of the decision.

The bodies of the state administration are required to take measures and activities in accordance with the crisis management regulations, and the main crisis management staff at the CMC, to monitor the situation, coordinate with the activities and regularly inform the Government. The state of crisis will last for the next 30 days.

The Crisis Management Center (CMC) announced earlier today that members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Army will secure the prison due to the lack of guards.

CMC explained that one of the main problems facing "Idrizovo" is the lack of staff in the prison. They say that the number of employees in the prison police is insufficient to meet daily needs and activities.

A way to hire new staff will be sought, who will be responsible for the security and resocialization of prisoners.

Members of the Ministry of the Interior and the Army will be hired to support the prison police in Idrizovo

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