Criminal charges against a registrar and a woman from Skopje who incited him to abuse his official position

Police / Photo: MIA

Criminal charges have been filed with the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Skopje against T.H. (43) from Skopje, suspected of the criminal offense "Abuse of official position and authority", and V.T. (55) from Skopje, suspected of the crime of "incitement".

As informed by the Ministry of Interior, the first applicant T.H. in the capacity of an official - registrar in the Registry Office in Skopje, during August 2020, instigated by the second applicant VT, abused his official position and authority and acted contrary to the procedure for reporting a deceased person and issuing a statement from the registry of deaths and contrary to Article 21 of the Law on Civil Registry.

- He did not provide the appropriate documentation for the registration of death and issuance of birth certificates from the second applicant, ie he entered the death of MS with incomplete documentation. (brother of the second applicant) and recorded the death of L.S. (mother of the second applicant) although she is alive, and then issued Certificates of the deceased, which V.T. in an illegal manner, she used them to initiate a probate procedure, presenting herself as the sole heir, in order to gain significant property benefit for herself in the amount of MKD 27.323.299 (EUR 444.281), to the detriment of O.B.S. (MS wife) and their three children, said the Ministry of Interior.

The criminal charges against the two persons were filed by the Financial Crime Unit in the Sector for Criminal Investigation at the Department for Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime.

Source: MIA