Criminal charges against five people, including Vanya's father, who helped in the abduction

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The Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje issued an Order to conduct an investigative procedure against five persons, four of whom as co-perpetrators committed two crimes - Kidnapping from Article 141 of the Criminal Code, as well as two murders in a brutal manner (one of a minor and one of selfishness) together punishable under Article 123 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code. The fifth suspect helped them in the commission of the crime - Kidnapping of a minor, informs OJO in a statement.

"For four suspects, who were already in 48-hour detention, the competent public prosecutor submitted to the judge of a preliminary procedure tonight a proposal for determining the measure of detention.

There is a well-founded suspicion that on November 22, four of the suspects, following a prior agreement and together, kidnapped a person from his home in Veles with the intention of forcing him to give his Citroen car so that they could use it to kidnap a minor in Skopje .

After entering his home, they physically attacked him, tied him up and took him in a car near the village of Rudnik, where by participating in an act of execution and with another special contribution to the execution of the crime, out of selfishness and in a cruel way they deprived him of his life with a gunshot fired by one of the suspects.

On November 27, the four suspects, assisted by the fifth, kidnapped a minor with the intention of forcing a member of her immediate family to give money to ransom the child. They also used the seized car. Later, they killed the victim in a ferocious way and with intent, and they set the Citroen car on fire with previously purchased gasoline," the announcement reads.

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