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Criminal charges for violence against a child in Kocani

Regarding the case of violence against a child in Kocani, for which there is a recorded material that is shared on social networks, OVR Kocani informs the public that in coordination with the Public Prosecutor's Office Kocani a criminal charge will be filed for the crime "violence against a child", and nine persons have been identified, with whom an official interview has been conducted and after documenting the case, criminal charges will be filed. After the undertaken measures, it was determined that the event took place on 11.4.2021 around 20:XNUMX in Kocani.

OVR Kocani is taking measures to clear up the other incidents that followed during the evening. In coordination with the Public Prosecutor's Office in Kocani, A.N. , Н.Н. and AV, and an official interview was conducted with 20 people. After complete clearing and documenting of the events, appropriate reports will be submitted.

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