Criminal complaint against the director of "Strezevo" – he bought an old truck that he paid for as if it were new

Photo: Shar Outdoors

The director of the Streževo Public Enterprise Metodija Gramatikovski earned a criminal report because he bought an old truck and paid for it as if it were new.

As informed by the Ministry of the Interior, Gramatikovski, knowing that the legal entity had procured a snow plow - ratrak during 2018, carried out a procedure for the public procurement of a ratrak for the needs of JP "Streževo" Bitola with precisely defined technical characteristics of the required ratrak as the one owned by the legal entity from Bitola and that it is not older than 1995, in which advertisement the legal entity in question from Bitola was selected as the most favorable economic operator bidder, while LJ.M.P. on the specific advertisement, she submitted an offer with false information that the ratrak she was offering was produced in 1995, although she knew and was aware that the ratrak she owned was produced in 1993, after which a contract was concluded with the mentioned legal entity in the amount of 1.875.967 denars without VAT, although the ratrack was bought from abroad for 414.492 denars, that is, it was purchased from JP "Streževo" Bitola for 4,5 times higher than the purchase price and for the amount of 1.875.967 denars M.G. damaged the public enterprise, and LJ.M.P. she acquired an illegal property benefit.

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