The Kremlin is plotting a radical scenario for the liquidation of Lukashenko and taking control of the Belarusian army?

Lukashenko monitors maneuvers at Osipovichsky test site - Photo by EPA, Press service of the President of Belarus

Russia's military intelligence (GRU) seeks a scenario in which Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is removed from office, liquidated or staged an assassination, and his duties handed over to someone loyal to Russia, according to a report by the Robert Lansing Institute for Global Threats and the Study of Democracies. ” from Dover, Delaware.

Robert Lansing is a former US Secretary of State.

The Kremlin is angry with Lukashenko for not allowing Belarus' army to be activated in Russia's war in Ukraine. The Belarusian dictator said the day before yesterday that the participation of 35.000 to 40.000 soldiers would not change anything on the ground, and called for peace negotiations.

The Institute learned from its own sources that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave such an instruction after returning from the meeting of the leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Armenia last week, which ended in fiasco and failure to sign a joint resolution.

Lukashenko's removal would make way for Stanislav Zass, a man loyal to Russia and under the control of the GRU, the report said. Then, Russia sees that the CSTO is an inefficient organization and with this it will show that it has full control over it, and the current Belarusian leader would see who is behind the deception.

According to the report, this is a confirmation of Russia's efforts to drag Belarus into the war in Ukraine, with the intention of absorbing it and depriving it of its sovereignty.

Most likely, the Kremlin aims to merge the two armies under one, Russian command. For now, Lukashenko stands in the way of these plans.

Belta Agency previously reported on the sudden death of Vladimir Makey, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. His death comes immediately after the publication of the report of the Robert Lansing Institute.

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