PHOTO | Queens of the classics: These are definitely the most sought-after shoes for fall 2023

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If we could choose the most ideal ones autumn footwear, they definitely would be moccasins! They are suitable for any occasion, they are comfortable, they look casual and they go with everything!

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Moccasins are a fashion classic in which it is wise to invest, and we bring you some of the most beautiful models from the current offer of high street stores, as well as from well-known fashion brands.

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In addition to being practical and comfortable to walk in, we love them for their effective look that can elevate even the simplest combination. Along with the bulky platform that has been worn for years, this fall we will also be wearing decent and more elegant models.

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Loafers are trend setters' favorite flat shoes and a fashion classic of sorts, and if you invest in a pair, you're sure to wear them for years.

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Autumn is definitely unthinkable without moccasins. For the third season in a row, this trendy flat shoe does not leave the throne of the most popular.

Moccasins are comfortable shoes that, with their minimalistic versatility, look good with everything, dresses, pants, skirts.

With their classic charm, they adorn different stylings.

Photo: Ajay_suresh/Flickr

Moccasins are absolute rulers this fall, so it is more than logical that trendsetters want to combine them with modern dresses, jeans, leather pants. They look chic with any length and are a great way to add a more "casual" tone to any outfit. You can also combine them with socks, because styled like this you will be in trend this fall.

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