Kovacki called: The people will protest massively, peacefully and with dignity against the ultimatum, we expect the Government to come to its senses

Dragan Kovacki, MP from VMRO-DPMNE/Photo: VMRO-DPMNE

The proposal that the Kovacevski government accepts is unacceptable for Macedonia. The people, intellectuals, social actors and the expert public say loudly that this proposal to start negotiations is harmful for Macedonia and leads to two scenarios, which is worse for the country, one is eternal negotiation, and the second is assimilation at the behest of Bulgaria, he said. MP from VMRO-DPMNE Dragan Kovacki at the press conference in front of the Government.

According to him, the French proposal represents an ultimatum that contains all Bulgarian demands.

- What the government is trying to pass off as a great success is actually a great diplomatic disaster. The framework itself contains Protocols or if you want Annual reports through which Bulgaria will have direct influence and participation in changing textbooks, monuments, will influence changing historical facts about events and characters that directly affect not only Macedonian history, but also Macedonian identity. These are humiliating and undignified positions for Macedonia. Another to dictate lessons in textbooks, another to dictate amendments to the Constitution, another to dictate whether any criticism is hate speech or not. Humiliation and defeats, emphasized Kovacki.

He expects the government to come to its senses.

- Tens of thousands of citizens every day clearly and loudly say an ultimatum, No thank you. The government should listen to the voice of the people and not go against their will. VMRO-DPMNE stands behind this attitude of the citizens and therefore demands that Kovacheski accept the four essential amendments to the Proposal, accept a broad debate through working groups in which all opinions will be heard and build a common national attitude, Kovacki said.

VMRO-DPMNE again called on the citizens today at 19:XNUMX to peacefully, dignified and en masse express their vote against the ultimatum.

- At 19:XNUMX we will gather in front of the Government and march towards the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the institution responsible for this diplomatic defeat, and then we will go to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia where we will once again express our position against it. The people said Ultimatum, no thanks. Kovačevski and the Government should say whether they stand with or against their people, emphasized Kovacki.

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