Kovacevski on the OSCE Summit: This is an excellent opportunity for the promotion of the country

Photo: "Free Press", Dragan Mitreski

This is an excellent opportunity for the promotion of the country, for further political establishment of a country that has been independent for 32 years, such as ours, that is, a young country... This is an excellent opportunity to show ourselves as hosts, as we have shown ourselves on other occasions, as for example during the negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia that took place in Ohrid, and I think that after this the OSCE will come out stronger, but we as a country will also come out stronger, said the Prime Minister. Dimitar Kovacevski.

In response to a journalist's question regarding whether the presence of the Russian Foreign Minister had been confirmed, Sergei Lavrov, at tomorrow's Ministerial Summit, Kovacevski said that it is not a bilateral issue

the country is rather a question of the international organization OSCE, which is presided over by our country.

"As far as the presence of all delegations is concerned, North Macedonia did what was necessary, normally in coordination with other OSCE member countries, and I believe that we will have an extremely successful Summit that starts tomorrow. "North Macedonia should be proud of its chairmanship of the OSCE, it is the largest security and political organization in Europe, but also in the world because the United States and other countries outside the continent are also members," the prime minister said.

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