Kovachevski on "Pink": Relations between Serbia and S. Macedonia is an example for the region

Photo: TV Pink / printscreen

The Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, in interview for Serbian TV "Pink" during the visit to Serbia, he said that for the countries of the Western Balkans there is no alternative to the EU that will make the region prosperous, stable and safe.

According to the prime minister, relations between Serbia and North Macedonia are an example for the region.

The Open Balkans initiative and the Berlin process are based on European values, because all citizens from the countries of the region have the right to live and cooperate with each other, Kovacevski said, adding that the initiative is based on the four freedoms of movement in the EU, on which the EU itself is based on: the free movement of people, capital, goods and services.

"If we look only at the trade exchange between Serbia and North Macedonia, it is already at the level of 1,1 billion euros. "Absolutely it is because of Open Balkans, the companies themselves say that," Kovacevski said in the interview.

Photo: TV Pink / printscreen

He added that in the last ten years, "the doors of the EU are the most open to the Western Balkans" compared to before.

"Russia's military aggression against Ukraine put the EU in front of a decision regarding its influence and its involvement in the processes of the Western Balkans. That's why you see how focused the EU is on solving all open issues that are part of the countries of the Western Balkans", said the Prime Minister in an interview with "Pink".

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