Kovachevski: We are investing in modern road infrastructure for overall economic development

 Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, together with the Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bochvarski and the director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads, Eyup Rustemi, today inspected the section Krupište - Kočani, which represents the second phase of the construction of the new Shtip - Kočani expressway.

Prime Minister Kovacevski emphasized that the construction works are proceeding with satisfactory dynamics for this period of the year, and up to this moment we have 96 percent completion.

- With the construction of the expressway, a fast and modern connection between Shtip and Kočani is possible, which will speed up and facilitate the journey for the citizens of this region, will reduce the kilometers of road and the duration of the journey, but most importantly, it will increase the safety in the traffic. The construction of modern road infrastructure in the country is one of the priorities of this Government. As in the past years. Both during the pandemic and now in the conditions of the world's biggest economic and energy crisis, intensive work was done on the construction and reconstruction of the main road sections in the country. The pace and dynamics continue, Kovacevski said.

He added that the results of the work were particularly visible in the eastern part of the country.

- There is almost no road connection that has not been rehabilitated in this region. Modern road infrastructure is important for citizens and companies, but also for new investors. New investments also mean new, better-paid jobs, and for that to happen, quality roads are one of the prerequisites. That is why road construction is a strategic priority to which we remain fully committed. In the past five years, the Government has built roads with a length of about 1.300 kilometers, which is twice as much as in the previous ten-year period, when only about 650 kilometers were built, Kovacevski said.

Minister Bochvarski estimated that with the construction of the expressway to Kočani, the standard of living of over 170 residents of the Eastern region is being raised, because, as he said, favorable conditions are being created for development and regional connection.

- The construction of roads is a strategic priority to which we remain fully committed for the sake of accelerated economic development of the entire country, in conditions when the world is in a huge economic crisis. But even in such conditions, we managed to strongly move the capital projects and ensure continuity, said Bochvarski.

The director of JPDP, Rustemi emphasized that the expressway is of high construction quality.

- The width of the road is 11,4 meters, there will be four lanes, namely two carriageways of 3,5 meters each and two stopping lanes of 2 meters each, as well as two edge lanes of 0,20 meters each. The maximum speed of movement on the expressway between Shtip and Kočani will be 110 kilometers per hour. The contractor of the construction works is "Sinohydro" from the Republic of China, and the supervision is "Patinvest Engineering" AD Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria. At the moment, signaling, lighting at the intersections, an elastic rebound fence are being installed and the last 700 meters are being paved, Rustemi said.с

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