Kovachevski: Students will receive a voucher for transportation in the amount of 600 to 1.200 denars

Photo by MIA

Within the ninth package of anti-crisis measures worth 662 million euros, it is planned that in the next seven months, 15.000 students who live outside the place of study, will receive a voucher for transportation in the amount of 600 to 1.200 denars, for which two million are planned euros, the Prime Minister said today Dimitar Kovacevski who was visiting the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Speaking about the ninth package of anti-crisis measures, as well as the measures for subsidized student meals – a measure that is being introduced for the first time, as well as the increase in student scholarships and the reconstruction of all student dormitories, he said that government support for students is continuous and on multiple levels.

"For the first time, we introduced a subsidized meal for students, we also introduced new categories of student scholarships, through the Ministry of Education, we increased and equalized them at the level of 6.050 denars per month, which is an increase of 80 percent compared to what was before. There are monthly scholarships in the amount of 18.000 denars for students who are enrolled in deficient study programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and since last year also in agriculture, forestry and veterinary medicine. We also introduced scholarships for students from the translation, history of art, archeology, fine arts and ethnology and anthropology programs in the amount of 6.050 denars," said the Prime Minister.

Kovachevski also said that 500 scholarships in the amount of 6.050 denars are planned for students of natural-mathematical, biotechnical, medical and technical-technological sciences.

Today, the Prime Minister attended a presentation of new laboratory equipment and the results of scientific research projects at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Skopje.

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