Kovacevski: With 49,7 million euros from the TAV program, we are implementing infrastructure projects for the needs of the citizens

Dimitar Kovacevski
Dimitar Kovacevski / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

The Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and the first Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi visited the Municipality of Saraj, on the occasion of the reconstruction of the road Bukovic-Raovic, one of the 94 infrastructure projects of the TAV program in the amount of 49,7 million euros. The Bukovic-Raovic road is in the final stage of realization, it is six kilometers long and connects the two villages. The amount of the investment is 748 thousand euros.

- Prime Minister Kovacevski and First Deputy Prime Minister Grubi, together with the management of the company "TAV Macedonia", the local government, contractors and citizens of the municipality stressed the importance of implementing infrastructure projects that facilitate daily life in settlements, informs the government press. -service.

-Infrastructure projects for the municipalities are of great importance, that is why the Government in cooperation with TAV implements infrastructure projects throughout the country, in all planning regions. The total value of all 94 infrastructure projects is 49,7m euros. Many of the projects have been completed, some are in the final stage and should be realized this year, and the deadline for completion of all projects is 2023, said Prime Minister Kovacevski.

He added that these are real projects for the everyday, real needs of the citizens. He pointed out that the settlements are connected, everyone should have quality and continuous water supply, riverbeds, sewerage networks, school buildings, youth centers, nursing homes, cultural centers are arranged, ground floor urban and municipal areas are arranged for the citizens to get better quality life in the places where they live.

- Such a volume of projects, which are for the real needs of the citizens and which are performed at the same time, have never happened. The support and their promotion by all mayors speaks about the importance of these projects. All citizens have the right to a quality life and the Government is committed to repairing what has not been done for decades. We invest in what the citizens need. These projects invest in communal infrastructure in streets and roads, water supply, build bridges, connect settlements, said Kovacevski and added that out of only 5 significant projects, including the TAV program, the Government has supported investments of over 250 million euros in municipalities, said Kovacevski.

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