Kovacevski: All workers who work on Sundays must receive at least 50% higher per diem

Dimitar Kovacevski / Photo: MIA

"Today's visit to Dura Automotive Systems is a great opportunity to see what the implementation of the legal solution" Sunday is a non-working day "looks like. The employees of this company, which due to the complex production process must work on Sundays, receive an additional 50% of the basic per diem. "With that, the average salary of those employees who work on Sundays in this company has increased," he said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski on today's visit to the factory "Dura", located in the TIDZ 2 zone.

Prime Minister Kovacevski together with the management of the company, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jovana Trenchevska, the directors of TIDZ Jovan Despotovski and the State Labor Inspectorate, Vesna Tomovska, used today's visit as an opportunity to talk to some of the workers who expressed satisfaction with the new law.

"Workers' labor must be properly valued and respected. This law has a very positive effect on the economy, it stimulates workers and positively affects their productivity, which is in the interest of the companies themselves. The law Sunday non-working day will give excellent results in increasing the productivity of companies and improving the economy. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate the management of "Dura" who, in addition to the two factories, are planning a new third investment in the factory, an investment of over 20 million euros. The amount of investment in the two factories where there are 680 employees is almost 70 million euros. What is important is that the average net salary in this company is over 600 euros and it tends to grow further. "The key to a successful strategy in the field of foreign investments is ensuring sustainability and development of investments, but also above-average salaries, which improves the quality of life and income of citizens," said Kovacevski.

Prime Minister Kovacevski wished successful work for the company which has over 100 years of history in the automotive industry.

Source: MIA

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