Kovacevski, Shaqiri, Grubi and Bitici will improve education through a new state council

Kovacevski, Osmani and Shaqiri in New York at the UN General Assembly/Photo: RSM Government

The Ministry of Education and Science announced that, with the support of the Government, it made a decision to establish a Council for the Advancement of Education and Science, in which the Minister will be a member. Jeton Shaqiri, the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, the deputy prime minister Artan Grubi, as well as the vice prime minister for economic affairs Fatmir Bytyqi and the Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi.

At today's session, the government adopted the information about the need to establish the Council, through which it will be possible to improve the quality of education and science, optimization in education, strengthening of the evaluation and assessment systems, reforming the curricula with their greater focus on the results of learning, better orientation of vocational education and training programs to the needs of the labor market, as well as programs in higher education to reflect the needs of the labor market, say the MES.

The Ministry announces that the activities of the new Council will be attended by representatives of the Union of High School Students, the Interuniversity Conference, the National Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Agency for Quality in Higher Education, the Board for Accreditation of Higher Education, the Board for the Evaluation of higher education, student assemblies, the Bureau of Education Development, the Center for Vocational Education and Training, the State Examination Center, the State Educational Inspectorate and the Center for Adult Education.

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