Kovacevski: North Macedonia will have parliamentary elections in 2024

North Macedonia will have elections in 2024, first we will have presidential and then parliamentary elections. In those elections, the same thing will happen that happened in the municipality of Mavrovo Rostuše, when VMRO-DPMNE talked about the huge advantage of their political party and in the end they lost the elections catastrophically, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, answering a journalist's question during today's visit to the factory. Brilliant" in Shtip.

According to the Prime Minister, this is the result of the policies that this Government is leading, which, as he said, "are policies for the European integration of the country with a very clear plan for dealing with the economic and energy crisis".

- VMRO-DPMNE was able to show what it can do, because it won over 50 municipalities in the country just one year ago and we see that it manages those municipalities disastrously. Just as for 11 years they saved the country from moving a single millimeter in European integration, from not having a single big investment in the energy sector, they confirm the same now that they are exactly the same party, with exactly the same way of management in the City of Skopje. For eleven years, as the country was stuck under the rule of VMRO-DPMNE, so now Skopje is stuck under the rule of VMRO-DPMNE for a whole year, emphasized Kovacevski.

Answering a question, Kovacevski informed that yesterday he had a meeting with the president of Alternativa, Afrim Gashi. Asked if SDSM would give up a ministerial position in the Government in the negotiations with Alternativa, the Prime Minister pointed out that it is ungrateful to talk about it from now on.

- First of all, information came out yesterday that we had a meeting with the president of Alternativa, Gashi. We had a meeting, Gashi and I have regular meetings as a coalition partner, usually they are every two or four weeks depending on the commitments. We discussed the implementation of the Government's program as well as some elements of the cooperation we have with Aalternative, which unfortunately have not been implemented. Regarding the expansion of the Government, I also talked with Taravari, there we talked exclusively about the European path of the state and all the decisions that should be taken with a broad political consensus in the Parliament, above all here I mean the extension of the European path of the state and the laws from the area of ​​the rule of law, the fight against corruption and dealing with the economic crisis, clarified Kovacevski, adding that there has been no talk of concrete cooperation in certain departments so far.

He added that when a government concept is made, it does not mean whether someone will step down or someone will take over a department, but it is about making a government based on values, a program, in which each political party should take responsibility in a certain department.

- If there are concrete talks about entering the Government, then of course all departments will be reviewed to see what are the advantages, the affinities of the political party in a certain area, and then it can be discussed, but now let me enter into speculations about whether someone would cede a portfolio, it is really not grateful, not only to the political parties but also to the ministers who lead portfolios, Kovacevski said

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