Kovachevski resigned from the presidential post in SDSM

Dimitar Kovacevski/ Photo: Sloboden Pechat/ Slobodan Djuric

Dimitar Kovachevski is no longer the president of SDSM. He stepped down and called on the leadership to do the same, after the election defeat on May 8. He confirmed his resignation at today's session of the SDSM Executive Board, which he announced on May 8, as a highly moral act.

In accordance with the Party Statute, he initiated the convening of the Congress of the SDSM for the purpose of analyzing the election results and expressing confidence in the bodies of the SDSM, elected by the Congress.

According to Kovacevski, the SDSM will have to take a good look inward and consider what the results and weaknesses are in the last 4 years, maybe even in the last 7 years in order to restore the trust of the citizens. He thanked all the members and supporters who, despite the defeat, maintained their dignity.

"In the parliamentary and presidential elections, the SDSM suffered a defeat, which gave it a heavy blow, not only from the citizens, but also from the sympathizers, some of the current, as well as some of the members of the party organized in another political entity, and stimulated by former holders of high party positions. Both I and the party leadership have a responsibility, as do all appointed and elected officials, including all party officials at the local and central levels. No one is really without responsibility. This result and the created public opinion was already evident in the local elections in 2021 when SDSM suffered a defeat, after which the party did not analyze the election results as required by the Statute and did not locate the reasons for the defeat in order to draw appropriate lessons", Kovacevski's letter states.

Kovachevski says that the process of changes in the party must be spontaneous and express, with consolidation within the party and with people who are ready to make sacrifices for the future of the party and the democracy of the state.

"According to Article 68b paragraph 3, and based on the election results of the 2024 parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as based on the obvious passivity of some of the members and sympathizers of the SDSM, including the majority of the elected and appointed officials at the central and local level, as a highly moral act, I am resigning from the position of President of the SDSM. At the same time, I call on the entire leadership of the party to do the same vertically from the members of the leadership, through the central party bodies, all the way to the municipal bodies of the party leadership. Such an act is a regular procedure in all European and world democracies, as we claim to be and should be the practice of all party leaderships after an election failure," Kovacevski pointed out.


There is no greater satisfaction than working guided by the social democratic values ​​that you believe in from a young age. But there is also no greater satisfaction when you know that you did your best for the country in which you were born and which you love," Kovacevski wrote.

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