Kovacevski: It turns out that Petkov and I chose the right approach

Dimitar Kovacevski
Dimitar Kovacevski / Photo: Screenshot

Today's gathering only confirms that with the Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov we chose the right approach and the way when we said that we would give a political initiative, but that still the organizations that are part of the sectors we talked about are the ones that should lead the debate and that should do bridges between the business community, educational institutions, students, citizens in general, the Prime Minister said today Dimitar Kovacevski in his address at the BGMK2030 conference "Civic contribution to building trust, unity and alliance."

- It is my pleasure to address this conference. That satisfaction is due to the concept of the conference, defined in its name BGM 2030, a civic contribution to building trust, unity and alliance. The idea of ​​the conference coincides with the idea of ​​a dynamic, new dynamic movement in the relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Northern Macedonia, said Kovacevski.

He said that his intention and Petkov's intention is to open the widest field for cooperation between a number of stakeholders in social life.

- The civic contribution, the contribution of the Academy and the cooperation of the higher education institutions are an important element in that process. It is true that the writing of the new pages, on the relations between the two countries, is set at a high level, at the level of governments. However, Prime Minister Petkov and I have taken the initiative to lead the process inclusively from the bottom up, ie the projects for promotion of cooperation and friendship between the peoples of the two countries should come from those who are directly affected by them and who will be directly responsible. for their implementation, said Prime Minister Kovacevski.

He emphasized that he is glad that practically in the same week of the joint meeting of the governments of the two countries in Sofia, a gathering is already held where the academic community is present, where professors and students are present and there is an exchange of thoughts and knowledge. for what is modern society and what can bring a new impetus not only in the relations between the two countries, but also in improving the quality and professional performance of students.

- That conversation should lead to building trust, which trust will lead to results in the political field that will mean the promotion of cooperation, but also the improvement of the processes, both political and social. I have no doubt that this process will restore the atmosphere of trust and friendship and that it will be a strong incentive to open the door to a mutually acceptable solution to open political issues, especially those related to unblocking the process of finalizing the procedure for our membership. in the EU, added Kovacevski.

He stressed that the joint session of the Governments of the two countries at the beginning of this week in Sofia and with the visit of Prime Minister Petkov and his delegation to Skopje a week earlier, was made a major step forward in advancing bilateral relations.

- Where there is political will and the idea of ​​progress, differences are much easier to overcome. Together we opened an honest and committed dialogue for stability and development of the two countries, we encouraged the deepening of friendship, good neighborliness and cooperation between our two countries. Both governments have decided to pursue a policy of building bridges, not a policy of building walls between the citizens of the two countries. With that, both countries show responsibility towards their citizens, for achieving dignified solutions for both nations, for improving the lives of the citizens in both countries, stressed the Macedonian Prime Minister.

Kovacevski stressed that an agreement was reached between Skopje and Sofia together prevent malicious propaganda, if it appears inside the states and together to deal with hate speech and defeat nationalism.

- The reform-minded governments in Skopje and Sofia are committed to opening new perspectives for the development and progress of relations between the two countries. A new such meeting is already being organized, which will be between the business communities, in which the line ministries of the Republic of Bulgaria and our country in the field of economy and finance participate, and in which all chambers of commerce from both countries will participate through their representatives. which meeting will also take place in Skopje, while other line groups will work in Skopje and Sofia, depending on where the locations of the meetings will be, said Kovacevski.

According to him, citizens and politicians who understand each other and who resolve differences through dialogue, open space to dedicate that sincerity and trust to common goals.

- I am convinced that those messages will be sent from this conference of yours. I am convinced that academic communities and civil society organizations are strong channels for communicating those messages. I also believe that it can be any person, any citizen who believes in the European idea and the common European future of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria, said Prime Minister Kovacevski in his address to the conference BGMK2030 "Civic contribution to building trust, unity and alliance ”, Organized by Renew Europe and the American University of Europe - FON.

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