Kovacevski hopes that Alternativa will remain a government partner

Photo: MIA

The talks with the Alliance for the Albanians have made good progress in the area of ​​program decisions and staffing, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and expressed hope for a positive outcome of the talks with government partner Afrim Gashi for consolidation of the government majority.

"Alternative is an important partner of the Government. I have an extremely high opinion of all coalition partners. Today and tomorrow I will talk with Alternativa, with Gashi and his colleagues and I hope for a positive outcome from the talks so that we can all continue to build a coalition that stands for European Macedonia", Kovacevski said in response to a journalist's question that he will offer to Gashi quits to stay in the Government.

When asked what the agreement is for the IRS and Customs in the negotiations with Alliance, Kovacevski denies that there was a problem with the distribution of the institutions.

"In general, there was no problem for the institutions, because they are discussing the assumption of responsibility that any coalition partner has, but also based on the assumption of responsibility in the part of participation in the government majority. The talks are being conducted in a good spirit aimed at reaching an agreement," said the Prime Minister.

When asked if the justice department will be managed by the Alliance for Albanians, Kovacevski scolded the Minister of Justice Nikola Tupanchevski, but did not specify what was agreed with the AA.

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