"So that the people can see that it is a sincere intention": Kovachevski "fraternally" offered VMRO-DPMNE half of the SDSM ministries

Photo: Alsat / 360 degrees

"All the proposals of VMRO-DPMNE and Hristijan Mickoski have been accepted and now the dialogue about the process important for the European future of the country should continue", said the Prime Minister and president of SDSM tonight. Dimitar Kovacevski, in interview for "360 degrees" on "Alsat" television.

"Looking at the discourse that VMRO-DPMNE had, I realized that they want to be part of the government, part of the process, and I think that a broad unification of the Macedonian political scene should be offered, because this process of European integration is a broad social process, of the whole society, for all citizens. And that's why I offered VMRO-DPMNE to be part of the Government, first let's open the Constitution with two-thirds all together, VMRO-DPMNE to enter the Government and that 50% of the ministerial posts that SDSM has, to cede to VMRO- DPMNE. I think that it is the most fair, brotherly, half-and-half, so that the people can see that it is a sincere intention," Kovacevski said.

"And in addition, what is extremely important, the condition that the president of VMRO-DPMNE had, in that Government for reasons known to him, that the DUI party does not participate, was also accepted at the press conference itself, through a DUI announcement. With that, I believe that all the requirements that were set, during the entire past period, have been fulfilled by the opposition, they have changed their position and even, considering that the procedure allows, the constitutional amendments that will be made, to be valid from the moment of holding the second intergovernmental conference", says the Prime Minister.

He added that all political entities should unite and ensure the European future of the country.

"This is not a fight for power, this is not a fight for political points, this is not a fight for ratings until the elections, but this is a practical matter, a matter of making a decision that will enable North Macedonia to continue its European path until 2030 year to become a member state of the EU" Kovacevski concluded.

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