Kovachevski: The behavior of MEP Yordanov does not suit any person, we also sent a letter of condemnation to the EP

Dimitar Kovachevski - Prime Minister of RSM / Photo: Sloboden pechat - Dragan Mitreski

The government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs condemned the misconduct of the Bulgarian MEP Aleksandar Yordanov.

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski pointed out at today's press conference that such behavior does not suit any person, regardless of what he does.

- In accordance with our condemnation, we also sent a letter to the European Parliament, and we also have a reaction to the Bulgarian authorities. I believe that on February 4, in accordance with the decisions of the Security Council, the decisions of the Government and the Ministry of the Interior and all other security services, we managed to organize a dignified and peaceful celebration of Gotse Delchev's birthday.

According to him, in the future there should be no room for people like Yordanov, but also for those who are only interested in provocations and disruption of relations between Macedonia and other countries in the region.

- These are individuals and political parties who do not want to see this region as part of the EU. On the other side, we are the official governments of the countries of the region who want to see the region as a member of the EU, and we will work on that. Regarding Bulgaria, I don't think I should comment further because Bulgaria has already entered into an election campaign and once the elections there are over, it will be possible to establish further dialogue in terms of bilateral and multilateral projects with the government they will have after the elections , added the Prime Minister and thanked all the citizens who paid their respects to Gotse Delchev in a peaceful way on February 4.

Commenting on the latest developments with the man from Ohrid Pendikov, to whom the Bulgarian MFA will provide citizenship, and the Bulgarian police will protect him, Kovacevski says that they cannot interfere in that part.

- As for the rights of any citizen in our country who is self-determining differently from the majority, I think that we have raised it to the highest possible level, compared to a large number of countries in Europe and the world. Let's not forget that in our country rights are not just a sheet of paper, they are also implemented in institutions that we have built over the years, said the Prime Minister.

Regarding the incidents at the "Deve Bair" border crossing, the Prime Minister pointed out that the behavior of the Bulgarians could be seen by the whole world, as evidenced by the video recordings, and the border police and judicial authorities reacted promptly and in accordance with the Law in the area of ​​protection of order of the state.

- According to our Law, those citizens, who are foreign citizens and are no longer in Macedonia, have received their judgments due to their misconduct and then, according to that, some of them are prohibited from entering the country for a certain period of time. Some of them have fines that they have to pay and that is normal for every citizen, regardless of which country they come from, and the same laws apply to our citizens if they do not respect them, he concluded.

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