Kovacevski: I do not expect an increase in the price of electricity, especially for 90 percent of the citizens who are in the first and second block

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At this moment, I can say that I do not expect an increase in the price of electricity, and the final word, according to the legal powers, is with the Regulatory Commission for Energy, said the Prime Minister this afternoon. Dimitar Kovacevski answering a journalist's question about how much electricity will become more expensive.

As the Minister of Economy also said, Kovacevski said, "I do not expect an increase in the price of electricity, especially for 90 percent of the citizens who are in the first and second blocks and who consume, I would say, normal amounts of electricity needed by a household".

The price of electricity bills, the prime minister pointed out, does not depend only on the electricity that the distributor provides from ESM, but also on other price elements.

"And the final price of electricity is stated by the Regulatory Commission for Energy, where the margins of each of the market players, of the transmission system, of losses, etc. are calculated," said Kovacevski, answering journalist's questions after meeting with representatives of pensioners' associations. .

From today, for over 170 thousand households, or for one third of about 700 thousand households in the country, which have digital meters, the cheap electricity tariff starts from 13:15 to XNUMX:XNUMX. The others have to wait for their meters to be adapted.

Kovachevski called on EVN, as an electricity distributor, to replace ordinary meters with digital ones as soon as possible and expects that to happen due to the expertise of the company, which, he said, successfully dealt with the energy crisis last winter.

"I hope that the teams of EVN will be able to do the setup as soon as possible because it is something that the distributor must do in the field. They have teams, they have knowledge and expertise, it is a renowned Austrian company, and I believe that they will do it to the satisfaction of the citizens," said the Prime Minister.

He also emphasized that the introduction of a cheap daily tariff confirms that "the Government's strategy for installing as many renewable energy sources as possible is yielding results".

"Only during the term of my Government, 600 megawatts of renewable energy sources, mainly from the sun, have been installed in the country, which allows during the daytime hours, mainly from 13 to 15 p.m., to have electricity that is cheaper than the base energy that is produced . This makes it possible to now have a cheap tariff during daytime hours, which saves citizens over a thousand denars per month in their budget for electricity bills. I appeal and encourage EVN to make the adaptation of the meters faster. They have knowledge and expertise, they proved during the biggest energy crisis last winter as a company that they can cope with the challenges and I believe that they will do it", said Kovacevski.

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