Kovachevski announced a reformed, depoliticized, efficient and accountable public administration

At the session of the Council for Public Administration Reform, which was attended by representatives of the Government and the Government General Secretariat, experts, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski announced the clear determination for an efficient and professional public administration, which is provided for in the draft text of the Strategy for Public Administration Reform administration 2023-2030 and requested proactive work immediately, for efficient implementation.

- The reform of the public administration remains one of the key priorities of the Government, but now it is emerging as an issue of exceptional importance for the negotiation process with the European Union, given the fact that it is one of the key areas of the Basics Cluster. As you all already know, I expressed my expectation that the Republic of North Macedonia will become a full member of the European Union by 2030. And this is achievable, if everyone shows statesmanlike behavior in the period before us. Of course, there are political challenges on that road that need to be solved and we will solve them, Kovacevski said, according to the announcement from the government press service.

But, according to him, that does not and must not mean that reforms can and should wait. On the contrary, the reform in the public administration must be implemented, not only as a condition for the EU, but above all because of the quality of life of the citizens at home, in our country.

- It is clear to all of us that there is still a lot to be done on this plan. Efficient public administration is an expectation of the citizens. And the talking, the plans, the proposals, must finally be operationalized at the level of functional solutions, that is, the efforts for improvements in this area, start to give visible results. As long as this does not happen, we can say that a lot of work has been done, but dissatisfaction will exist - both among the citizens and among the business community, Kovacevski said.

According to him, there are no results that would improve the public's perception that there have been significant improvements that have facilitated their accessibility to institutions or the efficiency in obtaining services.

– And this applies to institutions both at the central level and at the local level. Mentality is something that doesn't change overnight. But what depends on all of us - on the Government, on local self-government and on other, according to the Constitution, independent authorities, the legislative and judicial authorities - we must do that, Kovacevski told those present.

He expects, towards the realization of the vision of a depoliticized, efficient and accountable public administration, which provides quality and easily accessible services for the citizens and the business community, to immediately move on to the realization of the reforms.

- Reformed public administration, in accordance with principles and values ​​essential for the European administrative space, which contributes to sustainable economic growth, rule of law, social cohesion and well-being - is an expectation from the Republic of North Macedonia in the period until the state is expected to become a full member, so and further. This is a necessity, because it directly affects the quality of life of the citizens, as well as the work of the private sector at home - and there is no more room for "will", stressed Prime Minister Kovacevski, adding that the priority goals must be a depoliticized and professional public administration and consequently the the establishment of a coherent salary system and reorganized and optimized institutions, with strengthened integrity.

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