Kovachevski will provide 80 MPs for the opening of the Constitution

Constitution of RS Macedonia / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Apart from Mickoski, according to the information, Kovacevski also plans to discuss the constitutional amendments with Arben Taravari, as well as with the presidents of the opposition Besa and Alternativa Bilal Kasami and Afrim Gashi, who conditioned their support for the opening of the Constitution by changing the wording "20 percent". with "albanian language"

In the next 10 days, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski will have a packed agenda of meetings with the leaders of the opposition and ruling parties, at which he will present the Proposal-initiative for constitutional amendments, prepared by the working group, and at which he will seek two-thirds support for opening of the Constitution, a senior official from the government briefs for "Sloboden Pechat".

Apart from the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, according to the information, Kovacevski plans to discuss the constitutional amendments with the government partner Arben Taravari from the Alliance for Albanians, as well as with the presidents of the opposition parties Besa and Alternativa Bilal Kasami and Afrim Gashi, i.e. with the leaders which conditioned the support for the opening of the Constitution by changing the wording "20 percent" with "Albanian language". It is expected that the Proposal-initiative for opening the Constitution will enter the parliamentary procedure by the end of June.

After Kovacevski announced this weekend, and Mickoski accepted a leadership meeting, but with his own agenda, the Prime Minister declared yesterday that he will personally lead and propose all the necessary decisions for the country to continue its European integration path. He called on the parties and MPs for unity and togetherness for the constitutional amendments.

"For the state in the next period, there are challenges that will determine its future, whether we will follow the path of European integration, the path of stability and economic prosperity, or we will remain stuck with ourselves. Once the leadership of the country decided to wait in 2006 and waited from 2006 to 2016, it did not make a single strategic decision for the country. When those 10 years passed, we realized that we were left alone, isolated. I will lead and propose all necessary decisions for North Macedonia to continue its path in achieving the second strategic goal, which is membership in the EU, and I hope that all political parties, all representatives of the people, all MPs will recognize the importance of this decision and they will cast their vote for the state. Once again, I am sending a message and a call for unity, for togetherness, unification and rising above our political and ideological differences in the name of a better quality of life and a more secure life for all of us and for future generations," Kovacevski said.

The Ministry of Justice told "Sloboden Pechat" that they will submit the proposal-initiative to the Government for consideration. After the Government approves the document, it will be submitted to the Parliament by "Ilindenska".

The Prime Minister, despite the condition of the parties from the Albanian political campus in a package with the entry of Bulgarians and other communities in the Constitution to change the wording "20 percent" with "Albanian language", believes that not only the Albanian MPs, but everyone will vote for opening of the Constitution. The conviction that there will be a two-thirds majority for the opening of the Constitution is based on the clear messages sent by all EU representatives, as well as by US Senator Chris Murphy, who warned that the non-implementation of the constitutional amendments will affect the relations between the two countries.

Although he expressly accepted the invitation for a leadership meeting, Mickoski said that apart from national interests, the meeting should also discuss what will be done after the failed implementation of the changes in the Constitution. The spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE, Naum Stoilkovski, yesterday called on Kovacevski Den to submit the question of constitutional amendments to the Parliament for voting in order to see that there is no majority and to call elections.

"To submit the signed resignation to the Parliament at the same time." With such a step, Kovachevski will realize his resignation, the party commissioners will no longer receive expensive fees, and the state will save money from the budget from further thefts of the government. The supposed experts who are working on changes without a mandate from the Parliament are fulfillers of party wishes and ideas that lead even to redefining the unitary character of Macedonia. The position of VMRO-DPMNE is clear, there are no constitutional changes under Bulgarian dictation. This is the attitude of 90 percent of the people, it is also the attitude of some MPs from SDS", said Stoilkovski and added that Macedonian European integration will not turn into assimilation and erasure of Macedonian identity, culture and history.

Of the parties from the Albanian campus that conditioned their support for the opening of the Constitution, only Besa told us yesterday that they will not change their position.

"We will not vote for the opening of the Constitution if the wording "20 percent" is not changed with "Albanian language". Let the government manage for a two-thirds majority," MP Fadil Zendeli told "Sloboden Pechat".

Besa counts two MPs, Alternativa three, the "fiery" three and Alliance - eight MPs. The ruling Alliance for Albanians and the opposition Alternative did not answer whether they would support the constitutional amendments. Conditional support for constitutional amendments with a change to "20 percent" was also given by the DUI faction.

The DUI faction did not specifically answer whether they would support the opening of the Constitution.

"The constitution is not opened every day. I think that the Macedonian bloc already understands that the wording 20 percent is humiliating for the Albanians. Only DUI gave up, all other political entities – Besa, Alliance for Albanians, Alternative and we want to abolish the wording 20 percent", Izet Majiti, MP and leader of the "fires", told us.

After the Prime Minister's meetings with Mickoski and the leaders of the Albanian parties, as well as from the international pressure, it will be clearer whether Kovacevski will secure 80 votes for the opening of the Constitution or, apart from being without the votes of VMRO-DPMNE deputies, he will further lose support. of at least 10 MPs.

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