Kovacevski told Ahmeti that the map of Greater Albania was 145 years late

memorial plaque, sopot, Facebook Ali Ahmeti

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said that the memorial plaque with the map of greater Albania is 145 years late and that the NLA museum opened this weekend in Sopot is on private property. He said that he hopes that all the countries of the Western Balkans will be given a united Europe.

- Such events always cause, rightly, stormy reactions among the citizens. First of all, if I calculated correctly this morning, putting that map is 145 years late, and if anything can reflect what the relations in the Balkans were like 145, 200 years ago, there are similar maps that every country in the Balkans has, but literally every one - says Kovacevski .

According to the Prime Minister's information, the museum was built on private property and that it is subject to certain legal decisions, but he did not say whether all the conditions for the museum to open have been met.

- If it is a matter of social property where permission should be given by the municipality, and as I saw, the Municipality of Kumanovo had no information about it, I think that what we have today as a society does not make such maps relevant, because after 2001 and after entering NATO, we in our country have other maps that are relevant, and that is the map of NATO member states. And with the start of the negotiations with the EU, the map that we and I hope all the countries from the Western Balkans will have is the map of a united Europe and that is the only thing that should unite the entire Balkans, everything else is 145 years late - Kovacevski said.

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