Kovacevski and Mickoski heard each other and agreed - they will meet soon

Photo: Collage / Free Press

The Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski informs that this morning he heard from the President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski and that they had arranged a meeting that was to take place soon.

- This morning I called the President of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski and we agreed to organize a meeting in the next period, very soon. That meeting could have happened earlier, but due to the busy agenda in the Government, as well as the fact that the two secretaries of SDSM were in isolation due to infection with the virus, today we started organizing that meeting and it will happen soon, said Kovacevski in interview for the national broadcasting service.

According to him, it is natural and normal for the two parties, the largest in power and in opposition, to communicate with each other because, as he said, we have many challenges ahead of us dealing with the health pandemic, the energy crisis, the heat crisis in the country. , with the European integration process which I see not only through talks with Bulgaria, but also as a whole concept of reforms in the Macedonian society, including reforms in the judiciary, reforms in the fight against corruption and crime.

Prime Minister Kovacevski pointed out that a number of laws have already been submitted to Parliament, in the field of economy and, as he said, together, through a parliamentary debate they should be adopted because at the end of the day they mean better living conditions and better living standards for citizens. .

Asked about the request for abolition of the technical or so-called "Przin" government, Kovacevski said that it only confirms the fact that at the moment we have completely democratized institutions in the country.

- That "Prжиino" technical government was adopted because the institutions at that time were practically partisan and abused for electoral purposes. There is no better confirmation than this request of the opposition to abolish the technical government, that we have a democratized society, we have free media, where everyone has access, said Kovacevski.

He added that in the past an opposition leader could not appear on television, and now the opposition leader can be present every night on any national television with performances or interviews.

- Regarding the abolition of the technical government, that decision was made through an agreement of the four largest parties and that is the only way for it to be abolished. Through a process of dialogue between the political parties that adopted it, the two largest in the Government and the two largest in the opposition, its abolition should be discussed in the same way. We saw that the coalition partner of VMRO-DPMNE, Alliance for Albanians has already come up with a different opinion from VMRO-DPMNE and therefore we should sit at the table to discuss, see the proposal and make a joint decision on how to abolish the technical government. , said Prime Minister Kovacevski.

When asked about changes to the Electoral Code in the part of one constituency, Kovacevski said that SDSM is a party that was among the first to support that proposal, and has had it in its program for a long time.

- It is a legitimate proposal, which is currently submitted by smaller parties. That is a proposal that will be discussed. I believe that the change of the electoral legislation should not be adopted in the short term, ie it should be adopted through a broad and inclusive process in which all political parties will participate, because the Electoral Code is adopted by consensus and all have been adopted so far. so should this one be passed. I think that it should be carried out through a process of broad consultations, which will include the OSCE and the ODIHR with their remarks, but also experts who will be able to give the best input in terms of predicting the results they would receive in terms of the composition of The Assembly with such a numbered model, Kovacevski explained.

"Before the local elections, there was an attempt or intention to introduce open lists," he said.

- I personally looked at that proposal and thought that it was inapplicable, because it was made quickly, but in the end the political parties themselves realized that it would bring more confusion in the voting itself, than it would bring some additional quality. That is why I say yes, it should be discussed, it should be put on the table, but it should be a process of work through working groups that will come to the best model of a constituency for elections that would be held in 2024, adds Kovacevski.

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