Kovacevski and Mickoski cannot agree on leadership, let alone on constitutional changes

Meeting of Kovacevski and Mickoski/Photo: RSM Government

From the "concrete" positions - of Kovacevski that he will seek support for constitutional amendments to continue the country's European integration path and of Mickoski that constitutional amendments will not happen - it seems certain that the leadership will not "ensure" a two-thirds majority for the opening of the Constitution.

The presidents of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, Dimitar Kovacevski и Hristijan Mickoski, they did not even agree on the topics to be discussed at the leadership meeting – the first will seek support for the constitutional amendments, the other will discuss what to do after they fail – nor on the format of the meeting. After Mickoski initially accepted Kovacevski's invitation for a leadership meeting, for now there is no official confirmation whether the meeting will take place, although according to information, it has not been canceled.

According to information from "Sloboden Pechat", the leadership meeting was supposed to take place on June 7, but the situation became complicated after the information that experts would also attend it, even though the first agreement was for a tete-a-tete meeting between Kovacevski and Mickoski and, possibly , with the presence of one representative of the parties. According to the opposition, increasing the number of participants means diluting the meeting.

The Prime Minister and leader of the SDSM Kovachevski has already sent an invitation to Mickoski and the leadership meeting should be held on June 7 at the Club of Deputies, and it is yet to be specified who will attend it.

"At the meeting we will discuss, as I said, two key topics. The first is the decisions that should be made in order to continue the European integration of our country, i.e. to provide a voice for European Macedonia, and the second topic concerns the neighbors - the approach we should have as a country in building good relations with all our neighboring countries. , says Kovacevski.

The Prime Minister from the Summit of the European Political Community in Moldova said today that we are faced with the decision whether we are for Europe or for isolation. He said that after yesterday's messages from the President of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen and the French President Emmanuel Macron about the European integration of Macedonia, it should be clear to everyone in the country that there will be no new negotiation framework and we are only facing the decision to enter nations in the Constitution.

"The draft amendments are now in the Ministry of Justice, and after they are approved at a government session, they will be sent to the Parliament. Before that, I will have a meeting with the president of the largest opposition party, VMRO-DPMNE, and their team, where we will share the plan, and with that, I believe that we have the capacity, as it has been until now, to make such decisions that will enable a better future for our citizens", Kovacevski said.

Mickoski remains of the opinion that there will be no constitutional changes and that the leadership meeting (if it happens) should discuss what happens next.

"We, as a political party, do not have an official invitation from Dimitar Kovachevski. We neither have an agenda according to which it will be discussed, nor a proposal-format for participants... It is not correct that the constitutional amendments travel to the Parliament, stokmeni, written in Bulgarian terk, and the prime minister demands a leadership meeting. This means that his desire to meet and make a real agreement for the future of our Macedonia is not sincere either. We need to discuss something that has already been written. Those constitutional amendments will end badly because they will not receive support, but no one from the government is saying what will happen next. We need to see what the plan is going forward, because we cannot shut down the country and not know what to do next. The fact that the constitutional amendments will enter the parliamentary procedure is one part of the plan, but if they fail, it is logical that Dimitar Kovachevski will resign irrevocably, this Government will fall and everything that follows after that," says Mickoski.

From the "concrete" positions - of Kovacevski that he will seek the support of the opposition leader for the constitutional amendments to continue the country's European integration path and of Mickoski that constitutional amendments will not happen now, the outcome of the leadership's that she will not "secure" a two-thirds majority for opening of the Constitution.

Even political analysts do not expect positive changes and a compromise between Kovacevski and Mickoski. But regardless of the outcome of the meeting, they believe that the dialogue must and should continue.

"I remain cautiously optimistic." It is impossible for the leaders of the biggest political rival parties to have the same political view, then they would be one party. I see the statements of both Kovacevski and Mickoski that they send as their initial positions before the meeting. At the leadership level, they may agree on certain positions, they may not come close to any position, but the political dialogue should be lively. It is possible to have more meetings. The process for constitutional amendments may fail, but the leaders of the largest parties will have to face each other again", says political analyst Petar Arsovski.

Political scientist Sinisha Pekevski assessed the leadership meeting as bad PR for the government.

"The meeting will not bring anything and is only a distraction from the important things in Macedonia, the agreement with "Bechtel and Enka", the situation in the Judicial Council, the appointment of incompetent personnel in directorships... This is just bad PR and theater from SDSM. If they say they have a two-thirds majority for the constitutional amendments, why these meetings? Pekevski asks.

And the political analyst Marko Troshanovski does not believe in a positive outcome of the leadership.

"The situation should have been nurtured with time and in consultation with the opposition." Now I don't think a deal is possible. "However, it is good that the dialogue takes place, but not at leadership meetings, but in the parliament, because the last survey showed that the Parliament is the institution where national and strategic issues should be discussed", says Troshanovski.

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