Kovachevski: The German president mentions Koneski, is there any greater confirmation that we are our own?

Photo: Dimitar Kovacevski / Facebook

The policy we implement defends the interests of our people and our country, said the prime minister and president of SDSM. Dimitar Kovacevski at the party tribune of SDSM, which took place tonight in Kumanovo. He said that the country gains sincere friendships from major European countries, which, as he adds, are a wind at our backs in the process of the country's European integration.

- Yesterday the president of the Federal Republic of Germany visited us, in his speech he mentioned Blaže Koneski, the founder and one of the codifiers of the modern Macedonian literary language, Piraeus of the eternal and irreplaceable Petre M Andreevski... Is there any greater confirmation that we are our own on his own. This has been recognized by all EU member states and they use every opportunity to repeat it to us. We secured the Macedonian language in the European Union, we protected the Macedonian identity once and for all. The Macedonian Church is recognized. We are gaining new friendships and new strong supporters from major European countries, Kovacevski said.

According to him, these are "the benefits of social democratic policies, it is true patriotism and a stake in the future".

- That's why I made the difficult decisions, for a better future for young people, for a better standard of living, education, health, for young people to build their future here, in an advanced and economically strong EU member state. The decisions were not easy to make. But leadership means securing the future. I often talk about that difficult feeling that I believe many have had. As if someone is cutting your stomach with a knife. But no matter how difficult the decision to accept the French proposal was like a knife in the stomach, if it were before me again I would make that decision again. Because I strongly believe that the European path is a guarantor for our better future, Kovacevski said, adding that the European path must not be allowed to be blocked by politicians who do not think well of the country.

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