Kovacevski: Some of the coalition partners expressed positive views regarding the French proposal

Meeting of Kovacevski and Mickoski/Photo: RSM Government

Some of the coalition partners to whom the French proposal was presented expressed positive views, the rest should declare themselves in the following period, Prime Minister Kovacevski pointed out at today's press conference after the meeting with the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski.

- Regarding the consultations, we already had an initial meeting with the coalition partners to whom it was presented, some of those coalition partners have already expressed positive views regarding the proposal that we have received, some of them will express their views in the future period. normally we have communication with our coalition partners. There is still a part left for consultation, I had a telephone conversation with Ziyadin Sela this morning, most likely tomorrow we will meet with the Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs to be presented to him, explained in all parts, Kovacevski said.

Regarding the consultations with the Assembly and when the decision will be presented to the Government, the Prime Minister said that the discussion in the Assembly will take place in accordance with the parliamentary procedures, because as he said, "The Government cannot dictate how the discussion will be conducted." .

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