Kostovski to Sali: Immediately remove the modular hospital from Butel Municipality and build a modern polyclinic

Photo: Facebook

The Minister of Health, Bekim Sali, stated in a debate show on TV 21 that three modular hospitals built in Butel, Lisice and Gjorce Petrov were built in a questionable manner, that there were remarks in the annex and therefore the project was not continued.

The mayor of Butel Municipality, Darko Kostovski, reacted to his statement today, reminding the minister in a post on Facebook that at their recent meeting he offered him the option to immediately remove the modular outpatient clinic in Butel and that he is ready to build a new modern polyclinic, as befits of an urban municipality.

You indicated to me that you have no objection to the construction of a new polyclinic, but that you will have to discuss such an act at a higher level in the Government. We have not received an answer from you yet, even though more than half a year has passed since the meeting. When you have already ascertained irregularities in the construction of these extremely unsafe and inappropriate buildings, I encourage you to investigate the details until the final finish. But what is more important to me, this time publicly, to encourage you again, to remove the modular ambulance from Butel. It is a clear goal for us as a municipality to build a new modern polyclinic that the citizens deserve. Let me remind you that if you and this Government do not do it, the next Government led by VMRO-DPMNE will do it very soon - says Kostovski.

He adds that he does not see why, due to political calculations, this should not be done immediately so that the citizens are not harmed and do not waste time additionally.

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