Kostadinovska Stojchevska: For seven years we were traitors, those patriots, for someone to take an oath with Severna

Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchevska / Photo: Sloboden Pechat / Dragan Mitreski

I agree that there should be no more divisions, but let me remind you that for seven years we were the traitors, we were the bad guys, we were the ones who did it with the name, we were the ones with the Prespa Agreement, we were the ones with the Negotiating Framework, you you were patriots, repeated Bisera Kostadinovska Stojchevska, MP of SDSM, to Ivanka Vasilevska, MP of VMRO-DPMNE, in tonight's "Top Tema".

"Now it's a bit ungrateful to talk, I brought the program for something else today, I first referred to this yesterday. There are only a few times North Macedonia here. This is a proposed program for the composition of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and a program for the work of the government. First I want to clear up a very important issue. Nobody liked the Prespa agreement. No one accepted the name change with open arms, with a kind heart, but before we got to that moment, we listened and saw how it was negotiated - Dolna, Gorna, Vardarska, etc. For someone yesterday, he very gladly took an oath with North Macedonia", said Kostadinovsa Stojchevska.

She added that "we were aware of everything that would happen if the prime minister, the ministers and the president of the country did not use the constitutional name".

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