The Kosovo police found a fourth body near the monastery after yesterday's bloodshed

Photo: Kosovo Online

The number of attackers killed by the Kosovo police increased during the shootout action at the Banja monastery in Zvechan. The Kosovo police announced that another, fourth body was found near the monastery, regional media reports.

The body was found about 1,5 kilometers from the place of the incident. We are trying to identify him, because he did not have any documents with him", said prosecutor Naim Abazi, adding that another vehicle with weapons was found on the spot.

Two wounded attackers are being cared for in Kosovo hospitals, while Interior Minister Svechlja said that six others are in a hospital in Novi Pazar. He called on Serbian authorities to hand over the attackers to Kosovo's law enforcement agencies.

"According to the information so far, 6 wounded attackers are being cared for in the hospital in Novi Pazar and we demand that Serbia immediately hand them over to the Kosovo authorities so that they can be held accountable for their terrorist acts. Also, every other member who managed to escape to Serbia, we ask Serbia to hand him over," said Djeljal Svechlja, Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo.

The Kosovo authorities announced yesterday that three attackers were killed in the police action, and six people were arrested, including two attackers and four who supported them. Two of those killed were from Leposavic, and one from Zvecan, two municipalities with a majority Serb population.

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