Kordalov: Politicians urgently need to reduce salaries by consensus, otherwise they will dangerously distance themselves from the citizens

Bojan Kordalov - communicator / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

Communicator Bojan Kordalov says that politicians should urgently find a way to reduce their salaries, otherwise they are dangerously distancing themselves from the citizens and losing their trust..

- In order not to put themselves in a situation where the officials present with theses that such was the decision of the Court in which they do not interfere, or come forward with comments that they do not accept the decision and will donate the difference, they should find a way immediately with consensus to pass a legal amendment to abolish this increase which caused a great reaction. To immediately find a systemic solution, and not to play "populism on small balls" now. Because the salaries of the officials are the last ones that need to grow in times of economic crisis, which affects people with low incomes, and statistics say that this is the majority of the population - says Kordalov for "Sloboden Pechat".

He adds that this example shows how crucial communication is and officials must now urgently communicate with the public, because it is one thing to respect a court decision, and another to respect citizens.

- A great danger for politicians is that the citizens feel them as distant, alienated, as separated from them. Confidence can be completely lost. That's why the thesis that they can't get a salary increase, that they will donate, etc., doesn't work. They should agree, by consensus, to pass a legal amendment and prevent the announced increase, which is undignified. Urgent. If the issue is dragged out, a big topic will be created, trust will be destroyed. And value is not built like that - says Kordalov.

The Constitutional Court yesterday repealed articles to the Law on Wages officials, which created conditions for the salaries of the president, prime minister, ministers, MPs, mayors, judges and other elected and appointed officials to increase by an average of a fantastic 78 percent! Until now, a fixed amount of 26.775 denars was taken as the basis for the salary of officials, which was multiplied by a coefficient, so other allowances were added, and with the repealed provisions, instead of a fixed amount, the average salary from the previous year, which last year was about 32.000, will be taken as the basis. denars. This means that an official who has a salary coefficient of 3 has received 80.000 denars so far, and from now on he will receive at least 96.000 denars per month.

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